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Committed to providing clients with the highest level of personal service and attention.

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At Meloni Hribal Tratner, we believe that collaboration is the foundation for success. Our firm operates as business advocates for our clients by providing personalized service and building long-term relationships that help position our clients for future success. We believe that being a trusted advisor for each of our clients is indicative of our commitment and performance. Our firm partners with forward-thinking, entrepreneurial organizations. We provide expertise in many different areas such as auditing, accounting, taxation, business management, and consulting services. Specialty services are also available, such as gift and estate planning, royalty and contract auditing, mergers and acquisitions, movie and television participation auditing, litigation support and forensic accounting.



We offer a full spectrum of financial services including accounting and auditing, taxation, business management and business and personal advisory services.

Tax Services

We believe tax planning is the key to minimizing your tax liability, and we tailor our tax services to meet your goals.

Tax Credits and Incentives

We work with you to uncover and document incentives and opportunities to ensure that all benefits are maximized.

Financial Statement, Audits and Reviews

Our professionals identify, communicate, and assist with opportunities for strengthening internal controls and operating efficiencies.


We compile financial statements for the company from information provided by management when you need it.

Our specialists can provide services for all types of employee benefit plans under the increasingly complex regulatory environment.

Advisory Services

We are dedicated to providing an independent perspective to help our clients solve problems...

Strategic Business Planning

We offer a wealth of experience and knowledge to help your business grow, as well as improve.

Litigation Support

Our teams of professionals work with attorneys and/or courts to analyze contracts and uncover financial information.

Business Succession

Our team can help in your business succession plan so that you can achieve your personal and business goals while minimizing the pitfalls.

Estate Planning

Our team can help in your business succession plan so that you can achieve your personal and business goals while minimizing the pitfalls.

Business Management Services

Our professionals have experience with hundreds of clients and understand the day to day bookkeeping and finance needs of almost any industry.


Our diverse client base consists of closely held and mid-market businesses, high net worth individuals, and tax-exempt organizations.

A Real-World Point Of View

We are a full-service Los Angeles based accounting firm that offers auditing, taxation and consulting services to a diverse multi-state client base from various industries. Our clients range from startups to mid-market enterprises, as well as entrepreneurs and prominent high net worth individuals. We are among the largest accounting firms in both Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley. Each and every one of our clients receives specialized attention and service. We match our real-world point of view to the individual needs of each client. Our partners are actively involved and pride themselves on spending proportionately more time with clients than partners at larger firms.


We are fully dedicated to our clients and welcome open communication through all mediums including phone, email, and fax. We look forward to hearing from you.

Meloni Hribal Tratner LLP
21600 Oxnard Street, Suite 500
Woodland Hills, CA 91367

P:  818.587.3730   

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