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From recording to royalties, script to SAG, trust your business to MHT.


Los Angeles revolves around entertainment. With thousands of people working for companies in this industry, the financial contribution to the local economy is substantial. Digital media and technological advances have permanently changed the platform for entertainment.  

Whether you are part of film, television, or music industries, MHT’s experience allows us to provide the level of service not found in other firms our size. Our entertainment industry relationships include production companies, film funds, film and television studios, post-production houses, record labels, video game developers, agents, lawyers, artists, musicians and composers, actors, producers, directors, artist managers, screenwriters, and authors.

As economic and competitive forces push the industry’s evolution, we continue to play an integral role in our clients’ success.

  • Royalty accounting and auditing

  • Tax compliance and planning

  • Financial statement preparation

  • Cash management

  • Contract review

  • Payroll

  • Reporting of cash receipts and disbursements

  • Credits and incentives


Our diverse client base consists of closely held and mid-market businesses, high net worth individuals and tax exempt organizations.

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