We offer a full spectrum of financial services including accounting and auditing, taxation, business management and business and personal advisory services


We offer a full spectrum of financial services including accounting and auditing, taxation, business management and business and personal advisory services.


Tax Services

Tax Services

When it comes to tax planning and compliance, clients need more than merely technical guidance from their tax professionals. They need a team of tax consultants that combine both technical and industry knowledge with a personal touch and a commitment to minimize their current income tax liability. We believe tax planning is the key to minimizing that liability, and we tailor our tax services to meet your personal, business and financial goals.

Tax Credits & Incentives

Are you receiving the maximum amount of credits and incentives available to your business?

Many state and local authorities offer incentives to attract new businesses and expand existing ones. Your company may qualify for expanded federal and state tax deductions or credits, and we will work to identify and document incentives and opportunities to ensure that all benefits are maximized.

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Assurance Services

Financial Statement Audits and Reviews

In today’s fast moving business environment many users of financial information are demanding earlier completion of financial statements. We emphasize extensive partner led planning meetings to obtain a thorough understanding of our clients’ businesses to enable early identification and resolution of problems as well as timely completion of the engagement. Obtaining this level of understanding also allows our professionals to identify, communicate and assist with opportunities for strengthening internal controls and operating efficiencies.


In certain instances management’s requirements are limited to presenting company prepared financial information which is primarily for internal use. In such a situation we can compile financial statements from information provided by management.

Employee Benefit Plan Audits

As the regulations governing employee benefit plans become increasingly more complex, so does the need for specialization. We focus on developing specialists to provide services for all types of such plans.

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Other Services

Advisory Services

In this volatile economy, businesses are constantly faced with mounting obstacles. Managing risk, maximizing technology, and divesting or acquiring businesses with precision and purpose are just a few of the challenges businesses must navigate. We are dedicated to providing an independent perspective to help our clients solve problems and be prepared for the future.

Strategic Business Planning

Strategic planning and the execution of that strategy require experience, and a strong team. We offer a wealth of experience and knowledge to help your business grow, as well as improve your organizational infrastructure.

Litigation Support

When existing or pending litigation or arbitration matters require the assistance of an auditing or accounting professional, our teams work with the assigned attorneys and/or courts to analyze contracts and uncover financial information to present a clear and objective result to our clients. By using our many years of experience and insight our team can achieve a personalized solution to best fit the needs of each situation.

Mergers & Acquisitions

For many organizations the best solution for improving operating margins, generating top line growth, overcoming issues such as asset diversification, and succession planning is to become a larger organization. Our merger and acquisitions team can assist you in the process by accessing critical elements such as tax considerations, product and services compatibility, competitive tactics and financial impact, and cash flow considerations.

Business Succession & Estate Planning

Meloni Hribal Tratner’s financial planning services for individuals and families help our clients plan for the management and enjoyment of their assets both during a lifetime, and in succession. Many owners fail to develop a plan for the future, or labor under the misconception that their personal estate plans are sufficient enough to cover their every need. Depending on the life cycle stage of a business, each owner also faces unique personal challenges in maximizing their wealth. Let our team help you plan things correctly, thus allowing you to achieve your personal and business goals while minimizing the pitfalls that can occur while businesses are in transition. Effective estate planning facilitates the orderly transfer of assets to your beneficiaries and can reduce or eliminate the tax due on the transfer of your business and other assets. We can help you assess your needs and work with you to create a plan that meets your personal, family and business objectives.

Business Management Services

Our business management services and bookkeeping department provides the financial structure needed by many individuals and small businesses to maintain proper financial records. Our staff has experience with hundreds of clients and understands the daily operations as well as the bookkeeping and financial needs of almost any industry. These clients range from high net worth individuals to small and mid sized companies.

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