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At MHT, we have the industry experience and knowledge to help you conquer your unique challenges.

Dealer Services

The dealership industry faces an ever-changing economy, added regulation, the pressure to be efficient as well as the need to discover new ways to compete in a dynamic market. As dealers navigate through these unique challenges, it benefits them greatly to have financial advisors at their side. At MHT, we have the experience and knowledge in both retail and after market dealerships to help you conquer your industry-specific challenges and seize the opportunities as they present themselves.

No matter the size of your business MHT can offer you expert financial services including audit and tax services.

  • Business valuations

  • Planning for purchase or sale of a dealership

  • Buy/sell agreements

  • Litigation support

  • Estate and succession planning

  • LIFO inventory valuations

  • IRS examination consulting

  • Tangible property regulation consulting services


Our diverse client base consists of closely held and mid-market businesses, high net worth individuals and tax exempt organizations.

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